"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 32

What do you mean there's no more souvenirs? ;-) It was easy to extend our streak on the holiday weekend. We were caching the afternoon in McKean County. This image is from along the Tuna Trail. Since the souvenirs are gone, I made our own for today. It's time to move on, but the streak has been fun. Maybe there will be one more posting when, or should I say if, we break through with a longer found streak than our longest dry spell. I hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed finding all the caches.

Day 31

We did it! It was close for a couple days, but we made it. It was a tough call for the day's picture. As the summer winds down, the fields are dotted with new england asters which make a great photo. We also started the day at an old cemetery with a majestic oak at the entrance. The decision for the image was finally decided as we were driving to a cache and Ali spotted an eagle on a small pond in Crawford County. I think we have seen more eagles in Crawford than we have in any other county. It's an exciting sight no matter how often it happens.

It was a big caching month for us. We had one of our highest months for finds with 162, including six multis and ten puzzles. I found our first intercache in Spokane. In an unusual activity for us, we found two night caches. We also marked six of our finds as favorites. We usually mark about one of every twenty so it was a good month with a few well done hides. We had fun for the month. It didn't make me want to run a long streak, but we will try to carry it on for a little longer so we have a find streak which is greater than our streak of days with no finds (43). Maybe we can carry it forward through vacation.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Day 30

This was the one day in the month where we almost missed a find. We were planning to spend the day at the Geauga County Fair and knew there was a cache at the fairgrounds. We both expected to find that cache for our one for the day. I suggested we make a small detour to find a cache at a cemetery on the way to the fair. It was a good move since neither of us had noticed the fair ground cache appeared to be missing. We looked for the cache at the fairgrounds with a friend who also caches, but it appears to be gone. We were lucky to have stopped at this nice cemetery on the way.

Day 29

I was on my way home and stopped for a couple caches in Jefferson National Forest. I didn't find the first in a nice pine stand despite a long search, but came up with a nice hide along a pleasant trail with the second one. I was hoping to hunt a cache at an old picnic area along Big Walker Road, but the thought of over three miles of driving on an unmaintained, narrow mountain road made me turn back almost as soon as I started. Maybe on a return trip I can make the high up Big Walker Mountain from a parking area at the bottom. The view from the top of Big Walker Mountain is impressive.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Day 28

This evening was my first trip to Jonesville and Elkin. Jonesville is a town that missed a chance to be part of the NASCAR circuit. The town had a very popular dirt track in the days leading up to the start of NASCAR. It was a racing stop for racing pioneers Lee Petty, Buck Baker, and Junior Johnson. When NASCAR formed the local owners decided to not become a part of the new racing circuit and the die was cast for the eventual end of Jonesville Speedway. Elkin is on the other side of the Yadkin River. The image below was taken from the boat launch at a quiet city park. I found a cache very near this spot.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Day 27

My usual resting place in Salisbury was out of rooms so I was staying in Lexington for the evening. Normally the thought of a new area and route to cache would excite me, but I just wanted to finish my trip successfully and go home. I found a few on the way including one at this deserted park. The streak continued and a new souvenir was ours.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Day 26

It was time for another trip to North Carolina for work. I was able to find a few caches in West Virginia and one in Virginia on my journey to Wytheville. The image below is from a nice overlook cache in West Virginia along I77. The cache was a good hide and took me a bit to find. The month is dwindling, but we now have our longest find streak.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Day 25

We returned yet again to Chardon for our daily challenge find. We found two. Our first was at an undeveloped piece of land in an industrial park. The cache was inside one of the old car tires that had been discarded at the site. Our second find was at a local retail shop for a farm that specializes in food products from maple sap. They weren't exciting, but at least they were both non-micros. We celebrated our victories with a visit to the local ice cream stand and a long walk at a favorite park. The bridge below is from Whitlam Woods which has no unfound caches for us. It doesn't have anything to do with the days finds other then if we weren't out caching, we would not have enjoyed an evening at the park.

Day 24

Some Ohio State Parks are cache magnets. Findley Lake is the most recent to gather a significant number of hides. After parking the car we did mulitple miles around the lake with the dogs. Lots of caches and a fun time. Ali is amazing at spotting birds. We were hiking in the woods and near a cache when she looked over and spotted this heron along a stream. They are usually gone at the first approach of a human and sometimes depart with the sound of the camera motor. This one hung around long enough for a few images.