"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Visiting Cowenesque Lake

We recently made our second visit to Cowenesque Lake in northern Pennsylvania near the New York border. Cowenesque is a 500 acre lake/reservoir formed in 1980 by the Army Corps. The Army Corps has been wonderful in permitting caches at the reservoir. If you like old time caching with lots of regular-sized containers and twenty-two caches including a letterbox, three multis, and ten puzzles (two night caches) this is a great destination place.

The hides are well maintained and there are multiple parking lots available if you like shorter walks or miles-long trails if you want to leave the geomobile and roam.

Summer 2013 Visit

Fall 2015 Visit

Wildlife and wildflowers are plentiful.

Bring your UV light if you visit. You will need it.

We still have a few unfound caches remaining for a return visit, including a cache at Nelson Falls.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Two Years Lonely!

SGL #208: Cache at Night! was published in September 2012. It was found thirteen times up to August 23rd of 2013. Then it went cold. Today we hiked Darling Run and Turkey Path in Pine Creek Gorge. We were hoping for a few cache finds after leaving the gorge so we headed for nearby State Game Lands #208. We found our first cache after a quick trail walk. We made the wrong approach to the second cache and saved it for later. Next came the lonely night cache.

We couldn't spot the first tack at the start but working off the cache page information we walked off 200 feet increments hoping to spot a fire tack. We soon located one. It was the reddish brown type with very little reflection.

We walked for a long distance (well past the actual hide) and missed seeing anymore of the elusive tacks. I walked back to the waypoint for the first tack and switched flashlights. The first tack was a little brighter. I started walking and suddenly there they were. We soon walked the distance to the endpoint and began working through the directions and markings to find the final. It was many minutes later when Ali said she had found it. Success! Happiness! Celebration! This lonely cache was found. We signed the log, added an unactivated Volunteer tag for the next finder and were ready to head back to Wellsboro and dinner.

Two years is much too long for an ammo can cache to be alone and unfound in the woods.

The image doesn't do justice to the red glow at sunset ending the day. This nice hide will get a favorite from us when we log it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Still Benchmarking

We've added three new states recently with benchmarks found. In Florida, we stopped in Arcadia and made a nice find at a traditional disk set in the grass on the Desoto Courthouse lawn.

The Enger Memorial Tower was one of the benchmarks we found on vacation in Minnesota.

Besides being a benchmark, the tower gave a great view of life on the water.

We also found our first benchmark in Wisconsin on the same trip.

Since the lighthouse is the benchmark, we could have found this one from afar, but we had a much better time dodging sprains and broken bones crossing the breakwall to get up close and personal.

We've missed finding benchmarks in a few states along the way, but we have found them in 21 of the 34 states where we have cached.

"Needs New Logbook"

We completed cache maintenance on cache in July.

Seven finds later the logbook is magically filled.

I never thought geocachers would slide to the point where we had to do this.