"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knowing Your Limits I

I really enjoy Thompson Ledges. It's a hidden gem in Northeast Ohio. Whenever a new cache is placed there, it's great to go back for a visit. There were two new caches in the park so we drove over to hunt them both. The first was at the top of a rock formation. We climbed different ends of the rock formation and met at near the cache. The second cache inspired this post and the title. I used to be fearless. For some reason, today seemed a turning point. The cache is at the top of a rock ledge about 40 feet up. I got about halfway up and realized the safety zone was less and less. For some reason I had visions of falling and getting smashed on the rocks. I tried approaching from three other points and couldn't get closer. In the end, that was it for this cache. The funny thing is when I was trying to reach the top I was more interested in getting there with my camera so I could take a few shots from the top. Maybe we'll go back in the spring. Maybe next time I'll wear my biking helmet.

Anyone else have a cache where you knew you reached your limit?

Monday, November 15, 2010

AGT-Venango-5th annual Oil Region Cachers Event

The Oil Region Cachers are a small group of cachers based primarily in Venango County. Their informal leader is bpratt. Bruce usually hosts his annual event on Sunday which is an almost impossible event day for us. This year was perfect. The event was on Saturday. It was at Oil Creek State Park, and it was an old-time pot luck event.

Bruce decided to place an event cache in the middle of Oil Creek. It was a sunny warm day so I had no problem getting wet to make this find.

One of the Oil Regions reps stopped by to discuss the status of the Allegheny GeoTrail and Mike Henderson was at the event to award coins to any cachers who had completed any new counties. The AGT is in a unique position. The world's most successful geotrail is slated to end June 30, 2011 and GeoWoodstock will be held on July 2. It presents a quandry to the organizers. Do they shut it down at the June 30th date? Do they keep it open for a few weeks and absorb the hit of about 5000 coins being awarded? Do they re-work the trail so it can live on well past the June 30th date and GeoWoodstock? It seemed pretty clear the last choice is the one the organizers want, but if you are coming to GeoWoodstock and want to do the AGT trail, I would plan to arrive a week early in the Warren area.

What would a geomeet be without prizes? There were some nice give aways, but the grand "prize" was a ready to hide cache container stuffed with none other than a replica Hawaiian shirt just like the one worn by Oil Region's very own bpratt when he is out caching. The proud owner joined Bruce for a moment of fashion solidarity. ;-)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ohio State Parks Finale

For the last five years, the Northeast Ohio section of Ohio State Parks has been placing an annual, summer series of caches. In 2009, they added a second series with more parks and a trackable coin for completing the series! In the fall, there's always an event for everyone with coins for people who have completed the challenge. This year's event was held at the newest Ohio State Park, Wingfoot Lake State Park. The park used to be Goodyear's park for employees and families. OSP took ownership of the park and has converted it to a state park. The event was a fun way to say hi to friends and get to see a new park.

This fun series only happens because of the dedication of Amber, her great boss Todd at Ohio State Parks, and a group of dedicated volunteers.

No coins for the cormorants (no food either).

Geocaching and miniature golf are a great mix.

Chris K climbs through a big tire.

The Goodyear Blimp hanger

Me with half of the Muddy Dawgs.

Catie of Team RAGAR with a really cool geocaching shirt.

The coin is really nice. The design is the same as last year's but the metal color changed to silver.