"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

26 June 2006 #1500 The Mane Event

I was travelling to New York for business, and we were near this milestone. I suggested this cache, or another in this area, might make a good milestone. I was right. We had the opportunity to meet the cache owner and her outstanding giant schnauzers. It was a great walk and a fun cache with the owner. The schnauzers were amazing. They are big, gentle dogs with amazing athletic skills. This was a wonderful milestone.

25 June 2006 Multi #100 Beaver Creek 4

This was the first place we hiked together many years ago. We tried more than once to buy or build a home in Columbiana County. We have been visiting this park for twenty years so it was great news when the State of Ohio placed caches here. Finding 100 multis and 100 puzzles was a goal of ours. This afternoon we were able to achieve one of those goals. Our friend LABBOO joined us for a fun afternoon of adventure and hiking in a beautiful county.

17 June 2006 #1450 North Kane Rocks

This was an outstanding day all around. The day started with a breakfast event hosted by the Kane cachers. After a few quick cache finds with our friends kickin' and kachekat, we headed off to grab some caches with our friend Tprints. Despite having no chance to grab Sabertooth Kitty Litter off the flooded island, we had a great time. Later in the afternoon Ali and I headed off on our own to find this outstanding cache. We had been here once before with shorter days and decided not to go for it. Today we had plenty of daylight, got the cache, and got to see the most elaborate tree stand we have ever seen. North Kane (and Kane) does rock.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

3 June 2006 #1400 Presidential Potshots (Caching Medina)

We started the day at a really fun event hosted by Medina Parks. We ended the day in the dark at Presidential Potshots. It was too dark to take a picture, but the day was filled with good friends and good caching so they can be the memory. The Medina Event was really low-keyed and quite enjoyable. This was our first day of extensive caching in Medina. The killdeer was nesting and was quite displeased with us since she was next to a bridge we needed to cross at the event.

26 May 2006 #1350 Dead Fish

What a name this is for a milestone cache (or any other for that matter). I had been to Sunset Park in North Kingsville in early May on a trip to Niagara Falls. I found one of the three caches in this park and remembered it as a very nice visit with great Lake Erie views and good woods to walk. I suggested we come here for this milestone and get one of the caches I missed on my previous visit. The day was really grey. Lake Erie was barely visible, but we still had fun and got the cache. The panorama is from a much nicer day, but does more justice to the park than the milestone photos can. It's also a really well done cache with no relation to the title.

19 May 2006 First to Finds on the Ashtabula Bike Trail

A friend had told me she was going to place a 'few' caches on this bike trail. One was going to be a tribute to companion dogs that had passed including our Becky and Murray. I had a day off work, and we were heading to PA. I just happened to check for new listings before we left our home and there they were. It was rainy and cold so we had the bike trail to ourselves. Over 6 miles of walking later, we had six first to finds (SCOOTER, Bunnies' Panorama, Kermit's Cousins, Easy, Those Who Cache Unseen Beside Us, and Askew) from this great bike path. We passed bridges over flooded streams and farms drenched in rain. We also found wild columbine along the trail.

18 May 2006 #1300 Gorge Overlook Cache

Tinkers Creek Gorge in Cleveland Metroparks is about 200' deep. It offers amazing views. The woods around the gorge made for a nice place to find our 1300th cache.

Friday, June 08, 2007

29 April 2006 #1250 Old Farm Cache

This was our kind of day. It started with a breakfast event hosted by kcepenn and continued through the day with hiking, caching, and seeing wildlife in the woods. This nice milestone cache was located in a group at a state game lands. The caches were placed by kcepenn and released at the event.

As we were walking to this cache we met friends Goldsnoop and Rev Mike. Rev Mike had just realized he left his sunglasses at the cache and asked us to retrieve them. As we walked back to the cache we ran into four diffent birds, a verio and three warblers. We stopped to watch and try for some photos so we were late getting the sunglasses and leaving the woods. Rev Mike and Snoop had obviously been waiting for us to return. When we returned I explained to Snoop that we were watching warblers on the way to the cache. Snoop looked at me and asked "warblers?". I repeated that yes we were looking at warblers. By now Snoop said "WARBLERS?". To which I again said uh huh warblers. Snoop started laughing and asked if they had a log book. :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007

22 April 2006 Great NEOGEO Race

This was the first event we hosted. Ali thought I was nuts but wouldn't say it. We worked on the event from January until the morning of the event. We enlisted the help of a few great friends.

About 80 people came fo day that was so much better than we could have asked for. The weather was outstanding. We had a great time. So many came back for 2007 that we must assume they had a great time.

14 April 2006 #1200 Canoe Launch Cache

We had planned to go to a park in Jamestown, New York called Erlandson for this milestone. When we got to the park, we were surprised to find it didn't open until May 1st. Oops. We cached around Jamestown for a good portion of the afternoon, but it is not a place with many regular sized caches. We ended up heading to this nice riverside cache. The walk was short, but the area was nice. The cache was also placed by a friend.

9 April 2006 1k Party

A tradition in geocaching is to give a cachers 'golden' ammo cans when they reach 1,000 finds. In northeast Ohio, thousandaires are honored at an event with the previous group of thousandaires hosting the party. We were lucky to have our friend Goat Haunt presenting us our golden ammo can. It was much easier to reach 1,000 finds when we found our milestone. It is even easier today, but our 1000th find and this event celebrating that find will always rank at the top of our list.

30 March 2006 #1150 Mountain Wedding

This cache had it all. It was a milestone. It was located in a really pleasant section of Cleveland Metroparks Bedford Reservation. It was also a letterbox.

Our dog Gwen was bred by a friend who raises and shows australian shepherds. Ali and I were going to search for this cache at my lunch so Gwen got a rare treat. A trip to the office to visit with her former owner and a lunchtime caching run with us to this nice milestone. The falls are called Bridal Veil Falls.