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If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
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Sunday, July 04, 2010

GeoWoodstock IX - 2 July 2011 - Warren, PA

We got the bid!

In March 2009, we finished a bid proposal to host Geowoodstock in Warren County Pennsylvania. We didn't think we could compete with the northwest since this year is the 10-year anniversary, but the committee said try again for 2011 so we did. It will be interesting to see this many cachers descend on the tiny county of Warren Pennsylvania for the weekend. 2011 will also be amazing with the Allegany State Park Mega Event in May in New York, GeoWoodstock in Warren in July and the Midwest Geobash in Ohio or Indiana in August. WooHoo.

These are the pictures that were included with the bid. You can find most of them elsewhere in my blogs, but they are nice enough to repeat. If any blog viewers have questions about Warren PA, please contact me. Ali and I spend a lot of time there. It's a super place. I hope you all can come and enjoy this.

Salmon Creek/Beaver Meadows

Counterfeiter's Den - Allegheny National Forest

Brokenstraw Creek

Hector Falls

Unnamed Stream in Warren County

Sunset at the Allegheny Reservoir


Erika Jean said...

awesome! I hope I get to go next year. I'd love to road trip there!

Kryptic said...

Warren looks beautiful! Congrats on GWSIX! Will check back to see how you progress. It will be a great challenge, but the rewards for the sleepless nights and stress of planning will be worth it. Again, congratulations to you and your crew. Hope you have a spectacular event in Warren!

JJLee1974 said...

Hey there, I couldn't help but notice you said you were involved in writing the proposal for GeoWoodstock IX. I'm a reporter for The Derrick and I would like to ask a few questions about the event. Please be in touch ASAP:


Thanks! Jeremy

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