"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

5 August 2006 #1650 Creepy Crawler Cache

Goat Haunt was in town for a weekend of caching. We had planned to head out on Saturday with kcepenn to hike and cache in McKean County. On Saturday morning Liz wasn't feeling so well so Wes joined us. It was a long day with a lot of time in the woods. It was really hot. I had a great time with the weather. Everyone else was none too pleased. We cached until dark and found this cache in the early evening. The horseplay in the photo wasn't planned. Goat Haunt was picking through the cache swag and found a toy ladybug ring. I grabbed the ring and dropped to one knee to ask Ladybug to be my caching partner. She accepted. :-) I think we stayed out a little too late this evening. Wes has not been allowed to play with us since. Unfortunately, I think some nice photos taken that day were victims of the hard drive crash.

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