"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Saturday, January 03, 2015

RIP Three-headed Geodog

After 1792 finds, Gwen, the last of the Three-headed Geodog has passed. With Gwen's death, we have retired the Three-headed Geodog. They started caching together with us in April 2005. During the next 9 1/2 years, the Three-Headed Geodog was with us for 1792 finds. They were wonderful companions.

The second geocaching adventure of the Three-headed Geodog in April 2005

I am sure dogs have no idea when milestones are reached, when beautiful waterfalls are visited, or when amazing trails are hiked. I am sure that these three dogs were forever willing and eager to get in the geomobile and join us for an adventure wherever we went. Their tails wagged (Gwen's stump wiggled). Their noses soaked up the surroundings. They eagerly lapped up each mile of the trail with us. They put up with our stopping to search for objects they would never understand. We in turn let them soak up the sights, sounds, and smells of the trails and protected them in every way we possibly could. It was a pretty amazing unspoken agreement.

They cached with us in rain...




They were amazing companions. We will forever miss the Three-headed Geodog.

Becky 1989-2006

Eva 2004-2013

Gwen 2002-2014

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