"When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot.
If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
.... Briansnat


Monday, March 11, 2013

Marion County Geo Trail

We hadn't planned to spend a month outside of Pennsylvania, but a lack of heat in the house was enough to keep us away. We've been working toward the Great 880 Challenge which requires ten caches in each Ohio county. Our efforts last year to push Marion County over ten seemed to always meet with a mix of dnf's, muggled caches, and missing caches. We were both feeling snakebit in Marion County so a few weekend days with no snow flying and the lure of a coin at the end of a geotrail were enough to get us back to Marion to push this county past ten.

We made three journeys to Marion before returning victoriously with our coin. We found some really nice caches, and spotted a few areas that may offer additional chances to view prairie wildflowers next summer. The geotrail caches were really easy hides but they were all interesting because they gave a view of some piece of Marion County history. I really enjoyed chasing through the county and learning while geocaching. In the end we pushed Marion way beyond the required ten finds of the Great 880 Challenge and now stand at 43. We were also able to visit a couple dozen waymarks on our journey. It was a super way to help push the calendar towards spring.

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