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If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot."
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are Needs Maintenance Logs Still Effective?

I found a cache yesterday afternoon. It was a super location alongside a very scenic stream at the back of a little park in southeastern Pennsylvania. The coords were about 40-50 off, but it was a 50 cal ammo hiden in a strip of growth about 10 feet wide at the end of a field so the cache-o-flage made it an easy find. I was surprised to log the cache and find the cache now has a needs maintenance icon on the page. Why? Because the cacher before me couldn't find the container and decided it was missing. I guess it couldn't be their dnf. ;-)

I've seen a number of completely meaningless needs maintenance logs lately. It seems they have all sorts of uses for cachers most notably, I couldn't find the cache or the log was wet. We've been the recipient of needs maintenance logs for two of our caches that no longer had the swag in the container which we noted on the cache page.

It makes me ask the question, are these logs effective anymore? We log needs maintenance sparingly. We post about one needs maintenance log for every 300 finds or once every two to three months. Those usually come at the point where there is container damage or the log is a wet pulp that will never dry out or be signed again. We have also replaced more logs for cache owners than we've posted needs maintenance logs and replaced about as many containers.

Are these logs still effective? What do you see where you cache? Do you post needs maintenance logs?

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Erika Jean said...

I think it depends, I've marked some as "need maintenance" for being way off coords. But that is only because other people weren't finding it (i did) and MANY other people were making note of how far it was off. I think a "needs maintenance" is warranted if the CO ignoring the facts. Same when a cache is clearly missing (multiple dnfs) and the CO hasn't addressed the matter... but I can see where people get a little log happy with the need maintenance button (I'm hoping its the "newer" people who haven't learned all the ins and outs)

While a 50ft off cache might be easy for a seasoned cacher to find, I'd hate for that to be a first cache someone tries and then gives up ;-(